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10g Screening Tool (Carius Tube)

An instrument for thermal stability and pressure rate screening to search for exothermic activity and gas generation of powders and liquids.


  • Larger 10 g or 15 ml test sample size makes it easier to test a representative multiphase sample compared to other thermal stability measurement techniques
  • The Carius Tube can be re-configured to enable sample addition during the duration of the test
  • Enables permanent measurement of pressure and temperature to determine whether tube pressure in the tube is due to vapour pressure or permanent gas generation
  • Useful preliminary screening technique prior to conducting large scale Adiabatic Dewar Calorimeter testing

10g screening tool

Functional Specification and Deliverables

  • Carius oven - 110-240 V a.c /1 kW oven
  • Temperature controller and oven range 0 - 400 °C (ramp typical 0.5 °C)
  • Temperature accuracy within + / - 1 °C
  • Pressure range 0-100 barg. ¼" transducer connected via 1/16" oil filled pressure link
  • Pressure accuracy within + / - 0.1 barg from 0-50 barg and within + / - 0.2 barg above 50 barg
  • Data logging – slow log rate – every 30 sec, fast log rate – every 0.1 sec standard
  • Carius system program and driver discs
  • Miscellaneous cables
  • Set of Carius glass tubes and miscellaneous fittings supplied as standard
  • Traceable calibration (master equipment – UKAS calibrated)
  • Tested with known calibration sample prior to delivery

Optional Extras

  • High speed 10 kHz data acquisition measurement option available in order to explore the pressure effects of more energetic materials
  • Spare pressure transducers, temperature sensors and 10 g glass Carius tubes available
  • Training