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CTL03 - Gas Burette System

An instrument for laboratory qualification of gas evolution rates from chemical processes and decompositions.


  • Permits laboratory quantification of gas evolution rates from chemical processes
  • Very simple to use
  • May be connected to a Mettler RC1 set-up or to any other data acquisition system
  • Volumetric measurement does not require composition of gas to be known
  • Suitable for a wide range of hazardous gases with inert construction materials

gas burettegas burette

Above: Gas Burette apparatus Current design with U-tube mounting board

The principle of the apparatus is very simple. Gas generated by a process displaces the fluid in the U-Tube and causes a pressure increase (directly equivalent to the volume of gas evolved). The pressure increase (measured as the head of a column of liquid in the U-Tube) is recorded by a sensitive transducer mounted on the side of the U-tube. Once the pressure reaches a pre-determined limit selected and calibrated by the operator, a solenoid valve opens and relieves the pressure by venting the gases.

The pressure measured by the transducer, and the number times the solenoid valve has activated, are recorded by link-up to a data acquisition system thus enabling the total gas evolved from the process to be calculated.

Functional Specification and Deliverables

  • Mains supply: 110 - 240 V a.c
  • Accurate data up to approximately 5 cm3.S-1
  • Analogue count output and analogue pressure output (1 V or 10 V full scale selectable)
  • Compatible with the data acquisition system of a Mettler RC1 system or any other data acquisition system
  • Supplied with electronic control unit, mounting back-board, Gas Burette U-Tube, solenoid outlet valve, pressure transducer, silicon oil, glass accessories, miscellaneous tubing and cables,100 ml glass calibration syringe
  • 1 x instruction manual

Optional Extras

  • Supply of Gas Burette complete with hardware and software (including additional glassware) to enable Test A12 Flammability of Solids - contact with water testing to be performed
  • Miscellaneous sundries
  • Training