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CTL04 - MIE III Cloud Apparatus

Determines the smallest quantity of energy, as a capacitive or inductive spark discharge, required to ignite a powder. Resulting data can be used to assess risks in processing and handling industrial powders.


  • Voltage and capacitance can be controlled in fine increments
  • Arc gaps can be manually adjusted for researching alternative gaps being more conducive to ignition
  • Delivers results to ASTM E2019-03 and IEC 61241-2-3 and EN standards
  • Wide range of available accessories

ctl04MIE III

Functional Specification and deliverables

  • Mains Supply - Volts / Amps: 110 - 240 V a.c / 3 A
  • Energy Range: 4 mJ – 2000 mJ
  • 29 device capacitance bank (energy selection increments of 1 mJ)
  • 0 - 15 kV adjustable high voltage power supply
  • Arc gap breakdown voltage monitoring unit utilising JCI 140 internal proximity voltmeter
  • Chart recorder breakdown strength monitoring software plus data-card for use with PC data acquisition package which is supplied as standard (for use with a floating laptop – not supplied)
  • Dust / air dispersion unit with set of acrylic Hartmann tubes with adjustable air regulator facility and rear external air inlet connection
  • Niacinamide calibration sample (with known calibration data)
  • 1 x instruction manual

Optional Extras

  • Glass or acrylic Hartmann tubes and electrode spares
  • Training
  • The following is available at an additional cost -
  • JCI 140 / JCI 148 Voltmeter – for self-checking calibration of high voltage output with the knowledge and confidence that the voltmeter has no detrimental loading effects on the output voltage (accuracy + / - 2%)
  • Chart Recorder
  • Laptop with data acquisition software pre-installed