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CTL24 - Koenen Tube Test Apparatus

Determines the effects of heating under confinement of potentially explosive materials.


  • Excellent for screening products for sensitivity to heating under confinement to determine whether a substance may have explosive properties
  • Excellent screening tool for classifying a product for transport and EU packaging and labeling classification
  • Remote burner ignition system
  • Robust design
  • Supplied complete with 100 Koenen shells

Koenen Tube testkoenen tube test

koenen tube testkoenen tube test

The identification of potentially explosive or high rate decomposing properties in a material is a pre-requisite for safe handling. Any material which contains groups of known explosive properties (eg. nitro-, peroxy, azide etc.) should be tested and examined to identify the reaction of the material to various forms of explosion initiation, namely: impact, friction and thermal initiation, the latter is shown above.

The Koenen tube test apparatus is used to determine the effect of heating under confinement on potentially explosive materials. The material under test (liquid, solid or paste) is placed within a steel tube fitted with a standard diameter orifice at one end. The tube is exposed to direct flame heating. The condition of the tube after the test provides an indication of the sensitivity of the material to heating under confinement. The apparatus is manufactured in accordance with the United Nations Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Tests and Criteria and for EC regulatory classification A14.

Functional Specification & Deliverables

The apparatus and accessories supplied are as follows:

  • Support frame with 4 burners and solenoid valve (Propane Gas inlet)
  • Complete set of Orifice plates comprising of the following sizes: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3,3.5 ,4,5 ,6 ,8 ,10 ,12 ,14 ,16 ,18 & 20 mm
  • Collar assembly including 2 sizes
  • 100 disposable Koenen tube shells
  • Length of gas inlet hose
  • Remote handset for gas inlet valve and ignitor activation
  • 4 x electrical ignitor fitted and 8 x spares
  • Koenen tube support rod spares x 2
  • Spare Teclu burner set (4 total)
  • 1 x 1 mm diameter k-type thermocouple + thermocouple extension cable
  • Data acquisition card / program for monitoring heat-up during initial burner set-up
  • Stopwatch

Optional Extras

  • Spare thermocouple, burners, ignitors, orifice plates and collars, Koenen tubes
  • A tamping device, to assist with packing down the material inside the Koenen tube with a known 80 Newton force (ref: UN Manual) is also available