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CTL47 - Rotary Friction Test Apparatus

Meets the Energetic Materials Testing and Assessment Policy Committee‘s (Defence Ordnance Group) Manual of Tests (EMTAP).


  • Compact unit (self-contained)
  • Simulations of adjustable RAM pressure and flywheel RPM possible
  • Simple removable sample loading arm
  • Simple removable and easily replaceable wheel

rotary friction test apparatusrotary friction test apparatus

Rotary Friction Test Apparatus

This test apparatus is designed to provide a quantitative assessment of the friction sensitivity of a wide range of solid explosives. Unlike the mallet friction test there is no element of impact in the stimulus.

Although any wheel and block materials of interest can be used, the standard test uses mild steel blocks and wheels of standard surface roughness. Results are expressed relative to those for standard RDX. Equipment is designed to the Sensitiveness Collaborative Committee SCC Test No.33 and also to the modern requirements of the Energetic Materials Testing and Assessment Policy Committee (Dedence Ordnance Group) Manual of Tests (EMTAP).

Functional Specification & Deliverables

  • Rotary Friction Tester complete with integral control system
  • Power requirements: 220 - 240 V a.c single phase power supply
  • Air requirements: clean air supply at 80 psi (standard clean / filtered compressed air supplies (a standard clean 7 barg standard compressed air pressure supply is acceptable regulated down to 80 psi)
  • Set of grit blasted wheels and sample blocks to get started (see options)
  • Sample grit blasting block
  • 1 x instruction manual

Optional Extras

  • Additional wheels
  • Additional blocks
  • Grit blasting service